Top 5 Content Tips to Help Brand Yourself As A Realtor In 2021

Jesse Carducci
6 min readMar 16, 2021


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The competition amongst real estate agents in 2021 is constantly growing day by day. Realtors are trying to find effective ways to incorporate a content strategy into their marketing plan to set themselves apart from other realtors. To assist you in obtaining that competitive edge, this article contains five content branding tips that will help you on your way to becoming an extremely successful realtor in your city.

Tip # 1 - Make Virtual Home Tours More Interactive

Virtual home tours are standard nowadays when showcasing a home online. Due to this, we see many realtors creating the same unexciting and bland video tours of their listings. There is no spark, no personality, and no excitement that is provided to a home buyer when watching. Yes, they see what the home looks like, but they don’t get to have a feel for the personality of their realtor and the true atmosphere that the home provides.

Do not be afraid to hop on camera and show your personality, create an experience for your viewers! Here is an example of a fun and interactive house tour that could be implemented into your content strategy:

Video by REAL Collective Inc.

This Agent On Camera Tour can be used to not only promote your listing but also as branded content for all social media platforms. Get creative with it! This is such a fresh and new way of showing homes virtually and it allows realtors to be genuine, real, and creative all in one video.

Tip # 2— Educate Your Clients & Potential Clients

You are the expert in your field so share your knowledge with your clients. It will make them more comfortable with the buying and selling process and it will reassure them that you are the right person to sell or find their home. You will be surprised at how much home buyers will value even the smallest tips. It is a great way to attract new clients and build your brand reputation through trust-building content!

Consider discussing the following topics on video, in a blog, or in a social media graphics format:

  • How To Get Your Home Ready For An Open House In 60 Minutes
  • Mistakes First-Time Buyers Make (And How To Avoid Them)
  • The Upgrades That Will Get You Top Dollar For Your Home
  • What Sellers Need To Know About Home Inspections
  • The 10 Questions You Need To Ask When Interviewing A Realtor

These are just a few suggestions of topics you can make educational content on. Remember, a little can go a long way! Clients value honesty and appreciate the extra mile that you take to educate them.

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

Tip # 3 - Create An About Me Video

This is probably one of the most underrated pieces of content. It is very necessary and a lot of realtors miss this step when first beginning their real estate career. Think about it, how much easier would it be to warm up a potential client if you had a whole video on your website or social media explaining who you are and what you do! It will get home buyers comfortable with you before you even meet them in person. It’s essentially the first impression that you give your potential clients.

There are many ways to go about creating an About Me video. Here are some topics you can focus on:

  • A short introduction to who you are
  • What value do you provide your clients? (This is extremely important as most realtors miss this)
  • Why real estate?
  • Why should home buyers choose you as your realtor?

Here is an example of a quick About Me video that is simple, cinematic, and straight to the point:

  • Jason DeLuca Realty - About Me | Service by Toronto-based Creative Studio, REAL Collective Inc.
Video by REAL Collective Inc.

The main focus of this video should be to convey who you are in the simplest way possible while being able to show homebuyers what value you can provide them. It is important to focus on the value because at the end of the day this is what a home buyer cares about most.

Tip #4 - Create Micro Content

Micro-content is essential for connecting on social media with your audience. It takes them away from the general house listing posts and allows you to provide your viewer with further information about yourself and your personality as a realtor. Your micro-content doesn’t even have to be centered around real estate, it just has to engage your audience and make them want to continue to follow your journey and get to know more about you. It is a great way to warm up your audience!

Here is a list of micro-content that you can consider creating:

  • Lifestyle business portraits
  • Latest market trends and updates videos
  • Educational video pieces
  • Day in the life vlogs
  • What not to do as first time home buyers blog & video
  • 30 tips in 30 days blogs and videos
  • Real estate investing tips

There are endless possibilities when it comes to micro-content all it takes is a little bit of brainstorming and patience. Your micro-content doesn’t necessarily have to even relate to real estate. As long as it engages your audience, displays your personality to your viewers, and is unique to you, the range of content you can create is endless.

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

Tip #5 - Do Not Let Your Social Media Accounts Collect Dust

You may be thinking, “why don’t I need to stay active on social media? I can just get all my clients from referrals, I do not need social media”. Well, you may be okay for now with avoiding social media altogether, but the truth of the matter is every day the number of real estate agents modernizing their content strategy by implementing social media usage is continuously increasing. Clients can be acquired through referrals, but you are missing out on a whole other medium of marketing and sales. Social media nowadays is essential to the overall brand of modern-day real estate agents.

If you are too busy to manage your socials, or just do not want to deal with the everyday tasks of creating posts and engaging with your followers there are creative studios that take care of content creation and account management for you!

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There are many things that realtors can do to set themselves apart from the competition and these 5 tips are just scratching the surface of what can be done to improve your real estate personal brand. If you are having difficulties implementing some of these strategies, try looking for a creative studio in your area to help you out with any marketing needs you may have.

Marketing is an art form and everyone's marketing plan needs to be adaptable and constantly innovated to keep up with and crush the competition.



Jesse Carducci

Chief Marketing Officer | REAL Collective